Orpheus and Eurydike



The legend: Orpheus’ wife was the nymph Eurydice. When Aristaios tried to rape her, she died, according to Virgil ‘s account in the Georgica she died of a snakebite while fleeing, which was blamed on Aristaios. Orpheus descended into the underworld to persuade the god Hades, through his singing and the playing of his lyre, to give him back his wife. His art was so great that even the hellhound Kerberos did not bark. So his request was granted – but on the condition set by Hades and Persephone that he should lead the way in ascending to the upper world and not look around for Eurydice. However, not hearing his wife’s footsteps behind him, he looked around and she disappeared back into the underworld. Source: Wikipedia https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orpheus


  • photogrammetry model Eurydike: "Ruhende" (https://skfb.ly/o9JBn) by VIMUNE CC BY-SA