UTOUP. The Design Studio has been realizing a wide variety of projects in the fields of corporate design, space and digital communication since 2005. The approach is always content-related and conceptual, the work experimental, innovative and appropriate to the material, authentic in the result, with a high demand on content, technical and design quality.

SERVICES: corporate design, graphic design, brand guidelines, layout, print, infographics, corporate architecture, 3D visualization, 3D/2D illustration, 3D packshot, AR, VR, UI, screen design, wordpress, CMS, webpages, SVG animation, 3D animation, video editing, final artwork, image editing,

REFERENCES: Adidas Outdoor, Andels Hotels, Arcadia Hotels, Avarte, Bayr. Zugspitzbahn AG, boesner, #deinMüll, EagleBurgmann, Enertec Solar, Freudenberg, Goethe Institut, Hess Natur, Hotel Münchener Hof Regensburg, infas Institut für angewandte Sozialwissenschaft, Klüber Lubrication, Marriott Hotel, Medicol, Normstahl, Pearl Izumi, Random International, Schirn Kunsthalle, setUp Interior, Silber Fensterbau GmbH, studio2s Architekten, studio13crad Interior Architects, SUMMIT Lubrications, tonspuren Music Festival, Traxit, VSP Ingenieure, Vienna House Easy Hotels